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PC Benchmark Test

The hardwareDB PC Benchmark was designed to accurately determine the performance of your PC. We run several tests on your CPU and GPU to gauge the processing power. Afterwards, we give every PC a benchmark score so, you can easily compare against other systems.

PC Performance Test

Got a new gaming PC and want to test its performance? We've got you covered. Download our tool and run a CPU benchmark and a GPU benchmark on your system. If you're planning an upgrade, you can Compare CPUs and Compare GPUs to make your hardware choices!

How good is my PC?

Our PC Benchmark can determine your PCs gaming performance. For gaming, a powerful CPU is not enough by itself, you need a powerful GPU to handle the graphics workloads. Our test runs many scenarios to ascertain PC performance by category.

PC Spec Checker

Don't know your PC specs? The hardwareDB Benchmark utility can give you an accurate report on your hardware specifications such as CPU, GPU, memory and more. Furthermore, our database contains the specs of thousands of CPUs and GPUs so, you can compare yours with alternatives.

PC Rating

If you want to rate your PC, download our PC Benchmark Test. It takes a couple of minutes to run and provides a detailed report on the performance of your computer. When testing your PC speed, it will be compared against thousands of other real-world benchmarks.

PC Benchmark Test and Spec checker