About Us

What is hardwareDB and what do we do?


HardwareDB provides unbiased benchmarks and comparisons for a wide range of PC hardware. Our in-house benchmark utility allows users to accurately test the speed of their computer and compare it against others. It is our mission to provide useful and clear data so that consumers can make a clear decision with all the facts.

Our expertise serves to provide current and accurate information on the latest PC hardware. We seek to simplify the process since there are so many options. Indeed, whether you're a hardcore gamer looking for a performance upgrade or a professional seeking the best workstation hardware, we've got the data you need.

The site offers in-depth analysis, detailed comparisons, and an easy-to-use layout to help you compare performance and find the right components for your needs.

We take pride in our objective approach to comparing hardware. Our team works to provide accurate and reliable data that you can trust. We also welcome feedback from our users, as we believe that knowledge-sharing is indispensable to guide consumer decisions. Should you have any questions or feedback, please take the time to contact us!