Intel Xeon E5-2651 v2 vs Intel Xeon E3-1240 V2

Compare Intel 12 core CPU vs Intel 4 core processor, specs and benchmark score. Which is the better CPU for gaming?

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Benchmark Score

Overall Score

A combined score of all workloads

33 %
3% slightly better overall score
32 %

Gaming Score

The raw gaming performance with a fast GPU

24 %
50 %
108% significantly better gaming score

Multitasking Score

Performance in workloads using up to 8 cores

36 %
38% slightly better multitasking score
26 %

Heavy Workload Score

Performance in workloads using up to 16 cores

37 %
47% significantly better heavy workload score
25 %

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Number of physical processing units

200% significantly more cores


Number of logical processing units

200% significantly more threads

Other details


Ranking in the hardwareDB database

542nd of 1,337
568th of 1,337

Xeon E5-2651 v2 vs Xeon E3-1240 V2 comparison

According to the hardwareDB Benchmark tool, the Xeon E5-2651 v2 is faster than the Xeon E3-1240 V2. Despite this, the Xeon E3-1240 V2 has the advantage in our gaming benchmark.

When comparing core counts for these CPUs, we notice that the Xeon E5-2651 v2 has significantly more cores with 12 cores compared to the Xeon E3-1240 V2 that has 4 cores. It also has more threads than the Xeon E3-1240 V2.

Most CPUs have more threads than cores. This technology, colloquially called hyperthreading, improves performance by splitting a core into multiple virtual ones. This provides more efficient utilisation of a core. Indeed, the Xeon E5-2651 v2 has more threads than cores. Each physical core is split into multiple threads.


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